Monday, December 16, 2013

How Do I Ask a Question without Giving You My Email Address? (A Point of Process)

Dear Viny,

Is there a way to pose a completely anonymous question? I have been reading your posts and like the insight you are sharing. I would like to pose a question and not share my email address. I guess me doing this is to see if it is a requirement to have a valid email when submitting.

I tried sending my question and it said I needed a valid email. Would you work on lifting this restriction for those of us that are not completely comfortable yet? Thanks.



Dear Anonymous,

Yes! There is a way to pose a completely anonymous question! I know, because YOU posed THIS question, and I don't have a coroner's clue who you are. 

The new "Blogger Contact Form" widget I'm using requires that you enter an email if you want to submit a question, and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to alter the html. However, you can apparently type in a fake email address, as long as it takes the form of a valid email address -- because I seriously doubt that the email address YOU used to send THIS question is your real one. Who knew?

The downside of using a fake email when sending me a question is that there is no way for me to contact you privately. If I want to respond to your question, I have to post it to the world.

So, for anyone else out there who desires complete anonymity: just make up an email address, and then go ahead and ask your question.

A few suggestions: 

However, since I may choose not to post your question on the blog, you may not hear back from me. If you're good with that, I'm good with that. Here's to hearing from you, whoever you are!

Twinkles and Sparkles,

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  1. Why make up an email address when you can get a real disposable one? If it's not taken, you might start with "" or anything else of that type.